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Experience professionally tailored beauty treatments to cleanse and heal your skin, remove dead cells, blackheads, clogged pores and improve blood circulation. We apply our natural, handmade Charu skincare range to treat your skin, leaving it relaxed and refreshed.

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Ayurveda is a healing system that incorporates a wide range of treatments, similar to traditional General Practitioners and Specialists. We recommend a consultation with Dr Charu Khuller (Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine & Surgery) to identify the best therapy for your ailments. Our Wellness Centre is an accredited practice, authorised to prescribe health treatments and medication.

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Sydney Ayurveda

Natural Ayurvedic Skincare

What are the benefits?

The goal of Ayurvedic healing is to balance the mind, body and spirit to create a constant aura of energy that protects and maintains your health. Charu products have been developed by a qualified Doctor of Ayurvedic Medicine with the purpose of invigorating skin by creating this balance.

Natural Ayurvedic Skincare

Experience natural beauty. Authentic Ayurvedic formulas. Our products are handmade from natural ingredients. Grant yourself the gift of purity.

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  • Saloni Misra
    A friend recommended Charu Face oil after noticing my breakouts and it's worked wonders! It smells great with a beautiful natural essence and the best feature is it doesn't leave the face oily at all- would definitely recommend giving this a go if you're looking for something natural and effective!
    Saloni Misra
  • Manu Verma
    My skin would always have terrible break outs, acne and dryness. I never knew what to put on my face because it was always so sensitive and I wasn't sure if the chemicals in creams was damaging my skin. I came across the Charu Face Oil and decided to give it a go. It's done wonders for me, healing the skin on my face over time and it feels great! It's now my go to daily moisturiser and apply it twice a day, it's the only thing I've ever used consistently because it just feels great and I know my skin loves it. I've also started using the Cleansing Oil, for when I don't feel like having a shower after a sweaty gym session as well as the Face Mask, to stop my skin from flaring up and removing blackheads. Thanks so much, highly recommended!
    Manu Verma
  • Sonia Camara
    The Charu body scrub leaves my skin feeling super soft and smells so good I don't want to stop using it. Most importantly it is chemical free which is really important to me. Thank you so much for this awesome product!
    Sonia Camara