Face Oil
March 20, 2017

Cleansing Oil

Cleans your skin and pores, removing every inch of makeup, dirt and oiliness, leaving your skin supple and clear and balancing the sebum. 100% chemical, synthetic, acid and alcohol free.

100% natural, organic, vegan. Handmade, Australian sourced.


Wash your hands with luke warm water and pour 2-4 drops of Charu Cleansing Oil onto your palm. Gently massage the oil over your face and neck with a circular motion. Allow the oil to rest for 1-3 minutes (if time allows). Apply warm water to a face cloth or towel, drain the water and gently pat away the oil. This will leave your skin feeling clean, smooth and refreshed. For maximum results, apply Charu Face Oil immediately after the cleansing oil (or after a shower/bath).

Where to Try and Buy?

Schedule a session with the Charu Wellness Centre in Baulkham Hills to experience our products.

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The natural way to cleanse your skin through the Ayurvedic technique of combining natural, pure, cold pressed oils, herbs and essential oils to create a magic potion that provides a deep clean. Destroying dirty pores, pollutants and other bacterial residues. Leaving your skin smooth and supple by balancing your sebaceous glands. These oils naturally contain SPF factors and have the ability to fight against bacteria and fungi to make your skin clearer while removing mascara, foundation and all other makeup.