Cleansing Oil
March 20, 2017
Face Scrub
March 20, 2017

Face Oil

A daily face oil to naturally moisturise and nourish your skin, leaving it glowing and protected. Improve the clarity of your skin every day as blemishes, acne, pimples and rashes disappear.

100% natural, organic, vegan. Handmade, Australian sourced.


Thoroughly wash your face with luke warm water and pat dry (Charu Cleansing Oil is recommended). Pour 2-3 drops of Charu Face Oil on to the palm of your hand. Gently massage the oil over your face and neck with a circular motion, ensuring that it is evenly distributed. This will leave your skin moisturised and protected for the rest of the day, without an oily feeling. Apply twice a day (after shower, before bed) and use in conjunction with Charu Cleansing Oil, Face Scrub and Face Mask for maximum results.

Where to Try and Buy?

Schedule a session with the Charu Wellness Centre in Baulkham Hills to experience our products.

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